25Mar 2020
home office aneb remote work management peklo teprv prijde

To co se posledních 8 let skrývalo za diskuzemi o digitální transformaci se stalo skutečností. Všechny digitální projekty se nakonec dostaly do ostrého režimu bez jakéhokoliv testování. Ze dne na den, okamžitě. Důvodem je hrozba nového viru, který změnil přístup k práci. Celý svět náhle odešel do karantény a většina společností převedla práci na home […]

13Dec 2019
dress make a man and honestly it often closes the deal

It is true, though it is unbelieving that one handpick in the closet will give the impression of a shaker. Holt is an eternal truth – dresses make a man today. So what do you wear when you have a really important meeting with a customer, partner or investor, you want to be credible in order to engage and ideally close a deal?

13Dec 2019
what are business information systems for is

Business information systems or if you want somewhat incorrectly ERP systems are an old topic of discussion in the business sphere. Each company will sooner or later reach the stage where an ERP system “needs.”

12Dec 2019
importance of crm system in your sales department

Thanks to the CRM system, everything is in one place – a simple and clear instrument panel, which will reveal eg, the history of communication, order status, service interventions, and much more.