Why we are offering to you.

We personally met before. During our discussion of the activity of your company, we both understood that an opportunity to extend the sphere of work of the company and increase a pool of clients is highly necessary for the company. Our project manager has developed for you a project plan to turn-on your active sales services.


 How it helps your business.

Having CRM processes is a must-be part of any growing company. You will get an overview of all your contacts and communication. You will pro-actively work with your contacts, tune them and apply routine operations to a daily sales of your services. You will have a tool to plan, execute and monitor your daily sales activity and measure performance.


 What we do.

Based on the Product Catalog we will research the worldwide market and develop the business opportunity study. Based on this study we will select an optimal CRM solution to implement, build all processes for small company business development and train you how to use this tool for proactive sales. We will generate for you the initial list of opportunity contacts and help you to build your communication plan to start and operate your daily sales.


 How long it takes.

Initial 38h will be used for services scope and quality analysis. Based on this analysis will be used 90h for market research and business opportunity study. This study will be used for the building of the sales process that will consume 50 working hours. Further activity in work effort of 65h will be used for the selection, installation, and configuration of a cloud CRM solution. The next 63h will be used for a run of the daily operations of this CRM and explain to you and your staff how to handle the sales process. The rest 38 hours will be used for adjustments of the tool and support your sales activity.


 Payment Milestones

  • M1 – Sales Opportunity Study Ready
  • M2 – Sales Plan Development Ready
  • M3 – CRM implemented and Configured
  • M4 – Sales Process Running


 Bid your price

Part of our strategy is to be always valuable for our clients. We worked out your topic, we prepared a plan to get the required results. It is now up to you to bid the price that you feel reasonable for this work scope. Bid your price now!

  • Offer  Date: 22.3.2019
  • Offer ID: LST2019Q15