Why we are offering to you.

We personally met before. Our project manager already works for you. During the discussion, you both have agreed that we will work out the idea “Download web-links for all PayDay/Consumer Loan companies on your business markets: Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, and Ukraine by using our crawling bots.


 How it helps your business.

You will have the full list of your eventual Clients, Partners, and your Competitors. This list will also be the root source for building your new CRM process. By this list, you will also save your staff’s time consumption using for browsing new contacts and opportunities manually. You can also increase the further performance of new acquisitions by the possibility of cold contacts.


 What we will do.

We prepare the keywords and translate them into local languages. We customize these keywords during the data research and review. We will configure our web-crawling bots and download lists of all web-links that contains our keywords for selected countries. Final data sheets will be split to separate files for Merchants and Affiliates per country. Task requires manipulation with thousands of raws of web-links data. Further, these data will be used by your staff for one-by-one contact evaluation and included in offering and advertisement mailing groups.


 How long it takes.

Execute this task require 36h of data analyst and 52 hours of crawling bots development and extracted data review. The most time-consuming areas are reviews of downloaded data quality and re-development of logic to get valid data related to companies.


 Payment Milestones

  • No milestones defined for this project.
  • The project is a one-time job for fixed post-acceptance payment.


 Bid your price

Part of our strategy is to be always valuable for our clients. We worked out your topic, we prepared a plan to get the required results. It is now up to you to bid the price that you feel reasonable for this work scope. Bid your price now!

  • Offer ID: LST2019Q11
  • Offer  Date: 14.2.2019


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