Imagine a company that conquers the world, expands, and cannot communicate with each other, with clients – simply with the environment. On the contrary, look, the most successful is the best communicating.

The larger the organization, the more sophisticated the communication system should be there. This system should guide the people in the company how to communicate. They know whom to communicate with whom and what. These systems must be very accurate, as the more employees a company has, the more vulnerable it is to errors. When you come to a company like for example Skoda Auto – there are so many people, and yet everyone knows what direction to go.

Imagine a company with 50 employees; everyone does everything; everyone knows everything; everyone talks to everyone and everything – that’s a mess. So here we have a company of the type, as some owners say, “we are few, we have to be substitutable, we all have to know everything.” Nothing against, but such companies conquered the world. In such companies, I see tired owners, irresponsible workers without clear results.

The inaccuracy of communication will cause damage.

A company with unclear communications cannot survive and, most importantly, it is impossible to manage it. Imagine that on a bus could anytime and anyone talk to the driver for anything. Do you see the danger?

Communication is the only tool that connects people, and if this basic tool does not work in the company, nothing can help even a reputable auditor!

Establish the correct, accurate, and most effective communication in your company. There are basic laws for introducing communication in society, if you do not know them, trial-error can cost much money.

In the beginning, we recommend using a role matrix based on that you can create the other processes. When we talk about the, you will need to have at least:

  • Communication matrix – that defines internal and external communication streams
  • Communication plan – across all departments that identify the areas of communication and the basic – who and when.
  • Communication scripts – that defines what to say, how to speak. Clearly and entirely and including all the necessary things for the first iteration.

Write these documents, teach your people to communicate, and save a huge amount of your time for more important things.