We attended an interesting meet-up about the Future of a IXD/UX development. Main areas of technology usability were a commercial & industrial sectors. Meet-up were organised by the company Kontrolka with a support of Dribbble. Despite the fact that it was a first meet-up with this topic, an attendance of 15 experts in graphics design was pretty nice.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Among many interesting topics about the web design and development based on user experience were discussed an innovative topics about the usability of VR – Virtual reality, AR – Augmented reality and MR – Mixed reality. Open discussion brings a questions about the future menu structures, proper action items integration and general usage principles.

Improved speed of learning by content visualisation.

One of the most fascinating sphere for us was an impact of visual experience for the learning speed. On a presentation screenshot bellow you can see the statistical information about the learning quality by a different types of learning methods.

Source: Kontrolka.cz

Unreal Engine for modelling GUI of the future.

Another gripping topic that forced us to think about a future presentation layer of our Smart City Encyclopaedia by using the Unreal engine for development of a user interface. Discussion brings an interesting questions about a virtual menu and actionable items placement by breaking the current standards based on usual squared display borders.

Thank you guys. Really exciting.

Laco Vencel