15+ years experienced project and executive managers only.

We are the network verified professionals in areas of project and process management. We all passed the experience of international organizations and managed departments with 75+ people. These life lessons give us the advantage to compare the best practices used by nations across the continents.


Video-conference based professional service.

We equipped our members by a professional studio room with high-quality lights, sound, and full HD video. We serve service remotely in the same quality that equals to personal presence. We have huge practice in managing worldwide remote teams by using the method of 30 minutes conference blocks.


Either we advise how to apply the change, or we do that for you.

We charge your business operation KPIs to the maximal level. Either we consult you on how to realize an optimal solution for your process or issue. Then you can fix it by your internal resources. Or, we will agree scope based cooperation, and we implement that change into your operations by ourselves.


We offer a service scope – you make the price.

If we jointly decide that our calls are valuable for your project and in a sufficient form, we will be glad to support you based on ad-hoc needs. If we conclude to cooperate and you order expertise service from our catalog, we will agree with the scope, time & price. During the task execution, you don’t pay any extra charge for any related verbal consultancies.


We strictly follow professional ethics. We promise to never waste your time & money by artificial prolongation of paid service or any other non-productive practice. We guarantee money back if our service does not fit your expectations.


Describe your business issue and get answer for FREE.