Keep your teams connected, data flowing and products moving. Run a better business using consumer goods-specific ERP awesomeness.

Consumer goods-focused. As a true ERP partner, we don’t try to be all things to all business types. We’ve found our groove working with importers, distributors, and manufacturers of consumer products. With our focus on providing solid ERP solutions and industry best practices to businesses like yours, we truly understand your complex supply chain needs. And you’ll instantly experience the difference.

ERP software designed for you

Integrated with importing and distribution features that are essential to you and the world you work in. The results: faster implementation, better reliability, easier support, and less cost to maintain. This means you’ll experience more efficiency, a quicker ROI, and increased revenue; benefits even the biggest skeptic on your team will love.

10 reasons why Apprise

While there are many ERP software choices for your business, only one is built with your company in mind. For over 25 years, Apprise has been helping consumer goods companies improve supply chain efficiencies and increase profits. Our consumer goods focus enables us to develop our ERP software with industry-specific functionality for the way you do business.

How Apprise met your unique business needs?

1. Industry expertise
2. Fully integrated solutions
3. Lower cost of ownership, faster return on investment (ROI)
4. Flexible warehouse capabilities
5. Specialized import management Tools
6. Comprehensive purchasing and Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)
7. Seamless tools for retailer and mass merchant compliance
8. Leading technology
9. Value-added professional services
10. Global reach for global business

Apprise is a leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the consumer goods industry, bringing thousands of brands to market, world-wide. Built as a consumer goods-focused ERP software solution, Apprise ERP provides your business with the tools needed to connect your teams together, making your supply chain more efficient and your business more profitable.

ERP experts in consumer goods

Whether you’re looking at an on-premise or Cloud ERP solution, Apprise ERP provides the functionality that will help you streamline and optimize your entire supply chain. Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) and forecasting, Import Management, EDI, and chargeback management tools are fully-integrated into our standard ERP application. We also offer multi-language and currency options, as well as 24-hour support if needed. Whether your business is local or global, we’re fully equipped to handle your unique and challenging business requirements.

Understanding your business

Behind our products is a knowledgeable team that understands your business and its unique challenges. Our ERP specialists provide reviews and analysis to ensure your business processes are aligned with industry best practices. We’re not just another software provider, we’re your partner.