Contract Management by Business as an Art

A full service of the contracting process. From draft to signature.

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Don’t Know How to?

Prepare contract or other legal documentation.

We help with a common legal documents preparation – a.g. Agreement, NDA, SLA.

We help with a stakeholder analysis and with the development of a negotiation strategy.

We help you with an independent review of any agreement conditions and propose changes.


Get a Service

Full document portfolio development.

Develop an internal legal templates related to any department (e.g. PO, AoA, ChR, etc.)

Develop or review any type of legal documentation and propose further steps.

Manage the deal with your partners, clients or supplier and negotiate the best conditions.


Results of our Joint Work

The list of outputs that we give you.

Professional communication plan and strategy in an executive letter format.

Any type of legal and business documents set for internal and external usage.

A representative services for your project or company acting by win-win mode.


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