Business Plan by Business as an Art

We executed many plans and we will tell you all the obstacles.

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When You Don’t Know

How to plan and execute your Idea.

We workout your project to the lowest details and develop a Business plan with a Project plan.

We research the market, analyze sales, marketing, operations and develop business plan.

Based on plans developed we build your professional financial forecast and budget.


Get a Service

Business Plan & Business Case.

Develop your business plan and cover all mandatory areas based on market standards.

Develop your business case, understand your market and your product and service profitability.

Develop your financial plan and budgets in line with the strategy you have set in plans.


Results of our Joint Work

The list of outputs that we give you.

Executive overview of the business plans in the form of a professional business letter.

Business plan in PDF form ready to include in the package of documents for the investor.

Business case, financial plan and budgets in XLS in a market standard format.


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