On-Demand Architecture by Business as an Art

Get an effective and smooth implementation of new system.

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Know-How to Implement

Your system within the time, scope & budget

Change communication between your business and technical teams.

We help you develop and execute your implementation plan, testing, and related activities.

Implement front-end, back-end, the back-office system including training of the staff.


Get a Service

Cloud or physical software implementation.

Develop a strong change management system to lead business and technical teams.

Develop and execute your implementation, migration plan to cut-over phase.

Build a processes for post-implementation operations support and “babysitting”.


Results of our Joint Work

The list of outputs that we give you.

Implementation business and technical impact analysis, pre-implementation check-lists.

Implementation and cut-over plan with action steps and responsibilities.

Process and technical support of Implementation, including training of the staff.


30 minutes consultation for FREE

Use your free 30 minutes as much effectively, as you can.

Be precise and describe your issue for discussion properly.

We don’t advertise services during the call. We solve your issue!


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