Startups by Business as an Art

You have an Idea, but we know how to properly manage it.

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Know Your Business Well

Turn your business to a profitable organization.

Build your strategy from a scratch, or help you to optimize your existing plans.

Organize your mind-flows into a structured roadmap with realistic milestones.

Set up your budgets and financial forecast in a highly professional manner.


Get a Service

All mandatory documents for investor.

Develop an efficient pitch presentation of your business supported by necessary docs.

Be prepared to answer any question that may come from the investor. The list is pretty long.

Hire us to represent your company or project in front of your investor in a professional manner.


Results of our Joint Work

The list of outputs that we give you.

Pitch presentation structure, text and formatting style. Source files and design elements.

A proper formats of mandatory matrixes that include risks, competition, and opportunities.

The list of the top 100 questions raising by angels and ventures – give them proper answers.


30 minutes consultation for FREE

Use your free 30 minutes as much effectively, as you can.

Be precise and describe your issue for discussion properly.

We don’t advertise services during the call. We solve your issue!


Describe your business issue.