Why we are offering to you.

We personally met before. During our discussion of the activities of your company, we both understood that an opportunity to extend the sphere of the company’s sales pool of clients is highly necessary for the company health growth. A written Product catalog is the key asset you need to work with, to properly target your services. Our project manager has developed for you a project plan for the development of your Product Catalog and Product Mix.


 How it helps your business.

You will have the full list of your services that you can present to your new clients and eventually new business areas. By this service catalog, you will have a possibility to flexible target your services through digital or direct marketing. Having a properly described product catalog is the first step for the start of the sales process.


 What we do.

We identify your activities and the strongest areas. We catalogize these services, help you to price them and mix into the proper product mix. We also collect data about your potential business areas, customize it and identify the best options for your business growth. We also use our research bots and generate for you the initial list of business opportunities.


 How long it takes.

The initial 55 working hours will be used for mapping your services and their qualities. This data will be used for development of the Product catalog, that’s a draft version will consume 43 hours. Product catalog will be adjusted based on target audience and developed service mix (products) that will consume 39 working hours. The rest 9 hours will be used for the development of the roadmap to give you a direction of further development.


 Payment Milestones

  • No milestones defined for this project.
  • The project is a one-time job for fixed post-acceptance payment.


 Bid your price

Part of our strategy is to be always valuable for our clients. We worked out your topic, we prepared a plan to get the required results. It is now up to you to bid the price that you feel reasonable for this work scope. Bid your price now!

  • Offer  Date: 22.3.2019
  • Offer ID: LST2019Q12


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