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The simplest GDPR compliance guide. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

To co se posledních 8 let skrývalo za diskuzemi o digitální transformaci se stalo skutečností. Všechny digitální projekty se nakonec dostaly do ostrého režimu bez jakéhokoliv testování. Ze dne na den, okamžitě. Důvodem je hrozba nového viru, který změnil přístup k práci. Celý svět náhle odešel do karantény a většina společností převedla práci na home […]

I’m going to tell you what is that sales automation and how it works. Is following up always worth it, though? Based on our experience and data, 70% of responses are generated by the 2nd to 4th email of the sequence

During the years of analyzing the market, sales approach and different statistics, we collected some interesting information about the common behavior of companies during the sales process and related brand promotion or marketing activities.

It is true, though it is unbelieving that one handpick in the closet will give the impression of a shaker. Holt is an eternal truth – dresses make a man today. So what do you wear when you have a really important meeting with a customer, partner or investor, you want to be credible in order to engage and ideally close a deal?

It’s often a problem to understand specific terminology when you are not an expert in a particular area. Especially when you are hiring an external company for this job. Usually, not understanding the dictionary can increase the price you pay for marketing service for 10-15 percent. Pretty much, isn’t it?

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