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By ordering a free call, you agree that the consultation will be held no more than 30 minutes and only about the issue that you specified in the description. You can order a consultation in English, Russian, or Czech language.

We follow professional ethics. We promise never to waste your time and money. We do not advertise our services during our calls. We discuss your issue and immediately help.

The same we expect from our clients. No time wastage. Be ready! Make our calls productive and discuss your business issue.



The service of free assessment of the maturity of your company is provided by us free of charge. The results will be provided in the form of a PDF document and CSV format.

2.1 Company health-check form

When ordering a company assessment, you understand that this valuation is provided for mature companies, which most often already have a structure of departments, administration, and operations. This questionnaire is suitable for these types of companies. Since the assessment is short and free, you agree that the result will be preliminary, but close to the real state of affairs in the company.

2.2 Startup health-check form

Startup assessment is intended for a beginner and young company. Since the assessment is short and free, you agree that the result will be preliminary, but close to the real state of affairs in the company.



Business blogs are a set of inspiration materials to help entrepreneurs brief about the usual processes behind the business terminology.

3.1 Premium Business Blogs

It is a free service available after the user registration to the Business as an Art system.



Service Catalog is a list of services provided by Lanast Consulting. We have the right to modify it over time if new services appear or old ones change. If you want to get some mix from the service catalog, you need to contact us through the contact form.

4.1 Service Pricing

The cost of the service can vary in a wide range. The price depends on the scope of work and the complexity of the company’s business model. Lanast Consulting offers a unique proposition – The customer has the right to offer his price for the offered service scope.

lanast Consulting reserve the right to negotiate, accept the offer, or refuse it in case of under-estimation of the work scope by the customer.

The order of work is carried out based on an online application. The contract is signed in paper format (digital) after agreeing on the scope of work and additional conditions.



Video-consulting tariffs are determined by the cost for half an hour, and an hour of a call – and depends on the company size. You agree that the preliminary information about the company provided by you is correct, and based on a realistic manner.

All our services are online. If the customer wants to receive our consulting services on-site (in customer`s HQ or office) any eventual traveling expenses will be paid by the customer. It is a non-standard service, but we can provide it.

5.1 StartUp

Consulting for Startup companies is based on video-consulting designed for a small company, family business, non-profitable, and startups.

5.2 Guru

Consulting for Guru Companies is a video-consulting designed for the company with sustainable revenue and daily operations, with a growing business performance trends.

5.3 Pro

Consulting for Pro Companies is a video-consulting designed for a globally operating company with multiple branches.



Payment processing services enable this website to process payments by credit card, bank transfer, or other means. To ensure security, this WebsiteWebsite shares only the information necessary to execute the transaction with the financial intermediaries handling the transaction. 

Some of these services may also enable the sending of timed messages to the user, such as emails containing invoices or notifications concerning the payment.

PayPal is a payment service provided by PayPal Inc., which allows users to make online payments. Personal Data collected: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service. Place of processing: See the PayPal privacy policy – Privacy Policy.



We will only provide you with personalized marketing offers based on the information received from you when passing the questionnaires, health-check forms, video-calls, etc. Marketing offers are based only on your needs and the needs of your company.

We do not send spam marketing messages or not personalized offers.



We strictly follow professional ethics. We promise to never waste your time & money by artificial prolongation of paid service or any other non-productive practice. We guarantee a money-back if our service does not fit your expectations.




Our quality control guarantees a talk with 15+ years of experienced project or top managers.


We strictly follow professional ethics. We promise to never waste your time and money.



Lanast Co. reserves the right to change the conditions for the provision of our services. We undertake to notify our customers of any changes in advance by e-mail.

Lanast Co. reserves the to reject accomplishment of a business health-check if there is doubt of fraud behavior of form applicant.

Lanast Co. reserves the to reject Business Blogs membership if there is used other than business e-mail format during the registration (e.g. G-mail, Yahoo, and other personal e-mail addresses)