It is more what happens when there is no result.

Aside from the fact that some unionists hidden in the crowd must create confusion to get lost in confusion. Aside from the fact that a banker gets a chance at my managerial failure and jerks some crown for interest on the loan. Excluding the fact that it is giving space to a politician to support non-production by some social support. Aside from the fact that they need to create new insurance programs comes into play so that the weak irresponsible does not have to take out the duck from her pocket. Or, apart from the fact that non-production is contagious and those who had the results yesterday, today they know that even non-results are paid, etc. There is enough, and I have only listed a fraction of the influences that today’s societies are giving the hallmark of the economic jungle.

I know I am very critical, and I have also lived some time lounging! But what happens if we all have the attitude of ‘you have to give me money because I am here,’ and we’re not going to blame myself, am I wondering who will bake a croissant?
Well, we won’t cry over spilled milk. One has to look at the most crucial consequence of non-production. See what happens to you if your dealer doesn’t have a product (or result – as you want)! The merchant is trying, driving, calling, being helpful, taking notes, he is driving hundreds of kilometers, calling tens of hours, but he can’t bring the order. The question is, who pays? Who has to take care of this “nickname” nickname? What’s the answer?

People without productivity will steal your money and energy.

No big discovery, I know. But, just a reminder that you see “overworked” staff with an extensive vocabulary of arguments that you can’t, you know two things. They have no results, and it costs you money !!!