Why we are offering to you.

During our discussion of the activity of your company, we mentioned problems with the quality of employment candidates and talked about an opportunity to develop an assessment form that helps select valuable candidates before the personal interview. Our project manager has developed for you a short project plan to build this short-form.


 How it helps your business.

The end goal of a selection process is to be able to present a limited number of job applicants to the superiors of the future employee, in order to ease their recruitment decision. To do so, an assessment form may be used to reduce the number of remaining candidates at each step of the selection process. It allows saving significant time and energy during the mitigating the subjective aspects of the final recruitment decision.


 What we do.

By analyzing the processes and requirements of your business in terms of Hiring and Recruitment Process we help facilitate the selection process and provide your enterprise with the state of the art set of tools for assessment purposes.


 How long it takes.

Execute this task require just a few days and work split into 2 steps. Define the company needs for the candidate and formulate questionnaire will consume 19 working hours. Then, prototype and develop final form version for your website will consume 36 working hours.


 Payment Milestones

  • No milestones defined for this project.
  • One-time job for fixed post-acceptance payment.


 Bid your price

Part of our strategy is to be always valuable for our clients. We worked out your topic, we prepared a plan to get the required results. It is now up to you to bid the price that you feel reasonable for this work scope. Bid your price now!

  • Offer  Date: 01.04.2019
  • Offer ID: LST2019Q14


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