Nowadays, when more and more emphasis is placed on speed and quality of work, it is surprising how many people do not solve the possibilities of self-education and mentoring. If we relate this topic to the authors of new projects, they often have an idea of ​​how their project should work, but they often do not know how they should work, how to improve and move forward. And it is precisely for certain progress that coaching will guide you through personal development and mentoring that will kick you to work improvement.

Search for new directions and develop

If we talk about coaching, it is clear that we all have our strengths and weaknesses, which will blend into our business quite significantly. In general, I am of the opinion that negative qualities cannot simply be discarded, but you can learn to work with them. However, the same can be developed on the other hand and acquire new and beneficial knowledge and experience.

Coaching is therefore interesting not only for entrepreneurs but practically for all of us. A coach can show us ordinary things in completely different contexts and direct us towards a path that can prove to be a positive break in your life and approach to it. Coaching is particularly useful in two cases: first, if you are in a dead-end, you are not satisfied internally and would like to make a change and move on. In the latter case, you have a specific goal and want to achieve it as effectively as possible and need to be directed. The coach will focus on you and help you to solve your situation and life goals, develop your skills, especially on a long-term basis, which distinguishes you from a mentor.

In both cases, however, it will help you identify specific steps to the goal that you are ideally evaluating together at your regular sessions.

Coaching and mentoring as part of the journey
Tool for transfer of experience

In contrast, mentoring is more focused on solving specific points. The mentor helps you develop ideas, argues, helps you choose the right priorities over time, and walks through your needs and responsibilities in detail. This could include preparation of materials for investors, processing of cash-flow, appropriate shareholding in relation to the investor or even evaluate your intention whether you are going in the right direction at all.

Unfortunately, we occasionally encounter cases where the author comes only when he has been working on the project for a long time and invested considerable money. And at his meeting with regret, we will list two or three projects that already work on the same or a very similar principle. Or ask a simple but essential point – whether it has a solved trademark. It was in this case that our clients had the whole project prepared, overwhelmed by a famous person, built the entire portal and then we found out that the name of the company is already taken. Yet such a trivial “mistake” can cost you tens to hundreds of thousands.

Whether you are starting a startup, an author of an idea, or just considering changes in your life, both options can be the right way for you to move you further, earn you or save you considerable money and help you “tame” the time it is today the most expensive commodity.