Cloud Software Architecture by Business as an Art

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Architecture and Design

Is important to think about before any IS implementation

  • System architecture, technology compatibility, and integration design.
  • Review of your existing architecture, optimization, and migration plans.
  • Integration of your front-end and back-end service and systems.


Sustainable and Scalable Architecture

Software architecture and design.

  • Develop a strong and sustainable architecture and scalable integration between systems.
  • Develop and design your database, business logic, integrations, back-end, and front-ends.
  • Develop your infrastructure based on principles defined in architecture and design.


Ready Architecture and Tracked Change Management

The list of outputs that we give you.

  • Architecture, integration, and network infrastructure design and related documentation.
  • Analyzed and developed your databases, business logic, and an end to end integrations.
  • Full technical documentation in a required format (EA, GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket).


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