Why we are offering to you.

We personally met before. Our project manager already works for you. During our discussion of business and virtual assets of your company, we found out that it is necessary to create a web assets passport (map of landing pages, redirects, links, routes, etc.) and also internal/3rd party software maps to get full control over their further development.


 How it helps your business.

You will have the full list of your virtual assets and their actual status. Main assets will have a personal passport with information about sources, links, etc. (we will agree on the format). And, the same, main software assets will have a passport with information as to access list, review date, payment deadline, connections, etc. By this map, you will receive the possibility to control assets’ effectivity, plan different strategies and manage their adjustment for business needs.

  • virtual assets – landing pages, final pages, websites, bots, scripts, redirects, etc.
  • software assets – tools and applications like Funnel Flux, HasOffers, etc.


 What we will do.

We collect the list of business assets, group them and identify information about each of them. We review one-by-one by direct code/sources review, as well as by a discussion with your technical and business staff. We create a personalized document (passport) for each main asset. The results of the work will be an Asset Catalogue, Software map and high-level proposal of the next steps to keep control of virtual business infrastructure.


 How long it will takes.

Execute the first part of this task requires 152h of managerial work for collection and sorting information, including video calls with your staff. Based on this information will be developed assets passport. The second part of work is the creation of a single Software Map for the company’s software assets that consume about 64 working hours of data collection and passport development.


 Payment Milestones

  • No milestones defined for this project.
  • The project is a one-time job for fixed post-acceptance payment.


 Bid your price

Part of our strategy is to be always valuable for our clients. We worked out your topic, we prepared a plan to get the required results. It is now up to you to bid the price that you feel reasonable for this work scope. Bid your price now!

  • Offer ID: LST2019Q13
  • Offer  Date: 24.2.2019


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