Yeah, the results, “we still hear it, you must have the results, we need the results, I hear these complaints from the staff. And business owners and bosses say “I still have to push for results, I’m tired of claiming results”. And the politician says “it does not matter that they have no result, we will add a few money”.

So it seems that results are something bad, that we have to want results from workers, and that it is very uncomfortable for workers to achieve results, and for politicians, there is no need for results, especially that we have money printed. So it seems that the word result has become a “dirty word,” an unimportant part of our lives, that the result is something that has lost its worth. And the only valuable result is money. This is confusion…

Well, it can be. But let’s ask how we could survive without people’s results? How do we eat without the work of a baker, what do we wear without the work of a seamstress, or how do we get to work without the work of a mechanic?

Try to get to work on a thousand crowns or have a handful of ten crowns for breakfast. Money is only a means of exchanging our results. Without the results of our work, there will be no money.

What is really valuable, what is of great value is our results, even our results, which give us importance and position in society.

Let’s look at sport, here it is obvious how important the results are in the position of an athlete in society. The tennis player who wins the most difficult tournaments is based on the highest-ranking of tennis players. The worse the tennis players have, the worse they are in the rankings. But the position in society is not allocated to tennis players according to the wind blowing;

The results is something with value!

And what about your company, how does it stand on the list of companies? How satisfied are you with your results? How valuable are the results of your employees? When you answer these questions, try to be a little critical. Reconciliation with “fate”, not having the results I have, is a national sport in today’s society. After all, a homeless man is happy to have a bench and a box of wine. If you asked him if this was the result he wanted to achieve twenty years ago, he would at least begin to doubt. But he is already reconciled to “fate.”

Without results, society, company, and man will lose their worth. But how to achieve valuable results for your subordinates? How will your company achieve valuable results? I know the answer to these questions. It’s easy. If I can have valuable results, you can have them. This ability is intrinsic to us, but we have postponed it somewhere along the path of life. Call me and let’s get started.