It is true, though it is unbelieving that one handpick in the closet will give the impression of a shaker. Holt is an eternal truth – dresses make a man today. So what do you wear when you have a really important meeting with a customer, partner or investor, you want to be credible in order to engage and ideally close a deal?

First impression – half (un) of success

Imagine a first date meeting with an investor. You both see each other for the first time and you don’t know much about yourself. Will you be more impressed by a potential counterpart who will arrive at your first meeting in a wrinkled disparate outfit, or a tastefully dressed gentleman? The answer is clear. So if you come to present your idea in ragged jeans (even if they were from a boutique in Paris), you probably won’t close many shops.

Go with the skin to the market. But do not unnecessarily reveal it

So what do you do when you stand in front of your wardrobe and wonder what to wear at the meeting? It’s nothing complicated. All you have to do is respect the corporate culture. If you do not know what clothing is standard with your investor, do not worry. With simple smart pieces in smart casual style or more formal business casual, you can’t step next.

Myth or Truth? Smart Casual Ten Commandments

I have to wear a suit or a suit for a business meeting

You may or may not be so serious. Men can wear a polo shirt and chino pants for an informal meeting. Women can reach for pouches, a fitting bag, an elegant sweater, a monochrome blouse and skirt, or formal trousers. It is important that the outfit looks balanced and unified.

If I forget my tie at home, nothing happens

Is it true? No one will require a tie at a business meeting, just a quality shirt with a blanket. But you can perfectly complement the suit with an original wooden bow tie.

Women can afford elegant ballerinas

Why not! You don’t always have to worry about boating. You can also go to a business meeting in tasteful monochromatic ballerinas because they are the same pumps without heels. If you find elegant open shoes in your shoe that will fit your outfit, don’t worry. Men should also choose good shoes. Shoes, moccasins or oxfords are suitable.

What about jeans?

Yes, but… somebody simply would not consider jeans to be a suitable dress for the meeting. If the investor in the company has no problem with them, go to them, but in any case, do not pull fashion jeans with holes, pressed or loose pieces from the cabinet. Better choose black slim pants, that’s more of a safe bet.

Black classic, but do not worry about colors

Black is elegant, timeless and perfect for the business environment. Certainly, but it is good to black outfit something special. Shirt, scarf or interesting accessory, perhaps in coral color, which is trendy this year. Don’t you want to look like a funeral? Try other colors: brown, dark blue, gray or beige, in short, neutral tones that can be easily combined. You can also play with accessories – a quality handbag, bag or watch will take your look a level higher. You will have a great advantage if you are at least a little familiar with color typology because you will immediately know what suits you.

When it is hot, dress without nylons is enough

Maybe. It is not absolutely necessary to wear pantyhose or tights for a skirt or dress on hot summer days. But when the ladies take nylons, so in a body or black and certainly not with a distinctive pattern. Even gentlemen, however, should be careful and put on high-quality socks that hide the calves, even when sitting casually throws a leg over his leg.

The tailored shirt is expensive

This is a pure myth. Tailor-made shirt, which will sit like a glove and will look good for a long time, will sew in tailoring for as little as 2000 crowns. Moreover, it is great for formal and relaxed occasions. It’s not such an investment, do you say?

You can’t get nice clothes in second hands

Again nonsense. High-quality branded clothes can be bought second hand or on various SWAPs. And often with a tag. In addition, by recycling clothes you consciously save our planet.

Sportswear is taboo

3x yes! Sportswear is not called “sportswear” for nothing. Although meetings are sometimes quite an adrenaline, you should wear sneakers or a functional merino wool t-shirt for a nature trip.

Leave necklines and short dresses to party

It is so. Clothing and make-up should definitely not be challenging. The investor is not interested in your body tuning or glowing neckline, but in your project. However, there are a few exceptional situations where you do not have to be afraid to untie yourself and express your opinion. These are startups in the field of fashion or art.

Sometimes it may not work out with the investor for the first time and you need to wait a while before you meet someone with it. Crowdfunding can also be a great solution for financial support for a starting project